The Effects of Digital Media on Tradition, News, Business, and Practice

The Effects of Digital Media on Tradition, News, Business and Practice


Major Issues Around Referring to Digital Media for Technical Information

  • Potentially biased related opinions.
  • Inaccurate material.
  • Too much irrelevant detail.

TechnoBuffalo is an example of Digital Media that may influence individuals' thoughts on a certain technological topic.

This show is called "Ask the Buffalo" with Jon Rettinger as the host of TechnoBuffalo provides people with current events that people may find surprisingly useful to their needs. This is not a biased organization, so they provide their true opinions that are based off of facts, not emotions.

The major sources of digital media consist of "Facebook", "Twitter" and "YouTube" all have many ways to convey to viewers or interpreters about current events occurring within our society.

CNET gives information to the public technology and technological issues. In doing this, CNET gives people places to make opinions. Society's opinions will potentially cause the majority of people to purchase a product.

Digital Media effects social and traditional media. Social Media effects traditional and digital media. Traditional Media effects social and digital media.