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SAT Registration


1 Go to

2 On the left hand bottom corner click on register for the SAT

3 In the middle of the screen click on register now

4 If you are not a member of, there is a box that will ask you to sign up. Click the sign up option and answer the questions then click SUBMIT. There will be another set of questions about where you want your scores sent and the high school you attend. SUSSEX CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL. After you answer the appropriate questions, then hit submit. You do NOT have to give out your social security number! The next couple of pages you will build a profile. Answer all questions to the best of your ability according to your high school education experience.

5 After reading the terms and conditions, click on I agree to the SAT terms and conditions.

6 Pick the date you would like to take the SAT and click on continue.

Click on Select for the location you would like to take the test.

7 Type in your form of payment and click continue. Remember to print out a receipt and confirmation number.

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