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Information for Parents of Athletes


Be aware of athletic eligibility

Most high schools have eligibility requirements for athletes. Athletes may, for example, be required to maintain a minimum GPA in a certain number of classes.

Show good Sportsmanship

High School sporting events can be very exciting, and it’s easy for players and fans to get caught up in the action. As the parent of an athlete, you must always set a good example. Support the coaches and players at all times, win or lose.

Playing a sport in College

Colleges belong to associations, and these associations have specific academics requirements that all athletes must meet before they can play a sport in college. For information on NCAA eligibility requirements go to

Students who are thinking of playing a sport in college should talk to their counselor to make sure that they’re taking the right courses. They should also register with the NCAA Eligibility Center at the beginning of their junior year.

Monitor Academic Progress

A coach’s job is to develop athletes and to win as many games, events, or matches as possible. As a parent/guardian, it’s your job to monitor your child’s academic progress and to encourage your child to be successful in the classroom.        

Support your Athlete

The best way to help your athlete is to provide encouragement and to be positive, both at home and in the stands.