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How to Participate in Your Student’s Learning

Participate as a Decision-Maker

i.      Participate in PTA/PTO

ii.      Serve on Committees/Boosters

Participate as a Supporter/Advocate

i.      Volunteer for Events: ex. Field trips, school dances, concerts, sport booths

ii.      Serve as a tutor, guest reader

iii.      Be a guest speaker or make recommendations for a guest speaker from the community

Participate as a Teacher

i.      Get your student a Library card or encourage them to go to their school Library and check out a book, monthly.

ii.      Discuss what your child learned and experienced in school each day. Let your child do most of the talking. Start the discussion with “Tell me about…” “Tell me what you did exciting” or “What is your favorite part of day”.

iii.      Monitor your child’s progress. Communicate with your student’s teachers. Use HOME ACCESS. Review papers completed in class and at home. Know when your student has a date and ask them how they felt they did. Even review the tests with your student once they receive them back.

iv.      Check homework assignments daily, but DO NOT do the homework. Go over papers and assignments, reinforcing concepts.

Participate as a Communicator

i.      Read the school newsletters. Check the website for things that are going on in your student’s school.

ii.      Attend Back-to-School events. Parent Teacher Conferences. Senior Night, etc.

How your Student may benefit from Parent/Guardian Participation:

  • Higher grades and test scores
  • Better attendance and completion of more homework on weekends
  • High achievement in reading
  • Fewer placements in special education
  • More positive attitudes toward school
  • Higher graduation rates
  • Greater enrollment in post secondary education