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Help your Student Succeed

Help your Student achieve GOOD GRADES

Show interest. Attend all open houses and parent conferences. Know when each grading period ends and you see all report and progress report cards.

Discuss Classes and set goals. Sit down with your child at the beginning of each grading period and help him/her set realistic academic goals.

Listen. Talk to your child about what’s happening in school and be a good listener.

If your child isn’t doing well in school, find out why.

Be available to help.

Encourage School involvement

Four- year colleges want students to be prepared for college-level work. College bound students, therefore, need to choose college prep courses (world language, advanced math, etc.) for many of their electives.

Parents/Guardians should become familiar and aware of the following information:

            School Calendar

            Attendance Policies

            Graduation requirements

            State testing information

            Academic requirements for each grade level

            Required and elective courses by grade level

            Information on the scheduling process

            School rules/Code of Conduct

            Information on extracurricular activities

            Eligibility requirements

            Summer School options

            How to contact your child’s counselor

Help your Child Succeed

            Provide a good place to study

            Help y our child set academic goals

            Use rewards and consequences

            Attend all parent programs

            Insist on daily attendance

            See all midterm reports and report cards

            Help with time management

            Deal effectively with homework


            Encourage independent problem solving

            Monitor activities and jobs

            Encourage a healthy lifestyle

            Encourage positive activities

            Set limits and boundaries

            Be a good role model