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Encouragement for Parents

Students need the support and guidance of their parents during this important transition period.

“During the first few weeks of school, parents need to make sure that their children’s classes are going well and that they’re getting involved in school activities.”

“Take time to talk to your children about their career choices and about life after high school.”

“You are the most important people in your children’s lives, and they want you to be proud of them. Support your children and cheer loudly!”

“Your child needs you to be interested and involved in his/her academic progress. Using these tips will help ensure that your child will succeed in school.”

You can be valuable resource in helping your son or daughter with the self-assessment process. Think about your child’s strengths, personality traits, and interests that you’ve witnessed in your child over the years. Point these out to your child and explain how they can be valuable assets in the right career.

“…the most accurate predictor of student achievement in school…is the extent to which a student’s family is able to encourage learning at home, set high expectations and become involved in their children’s education…”

At the beginning of each term, sit down with your son or daughter and together set realistic academic goals for that term.

Expect your child to be in school, on time, every day.

Encourage your child to be involved in school activities. Show your support by attending performances and games.

Talk to your child about what’s happening in school and be a good listener.

Make school a top priority. Nothing is more important to your child’s future than education!