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Winning Characteristics for Success

  1. Communication – reading, writing, speaking, listening, the basic ability to present your thoughts is a requirement for virtually all jobs
  2. Organization – keep track of yourself, your schedule and any number of things you may need in a given field. You need to be able to prioritize, focusing on important projects, managing details and developing step-by-step plan to accomplish your goals.
  3. Leadership – Employees who can rally a team behind them and make things happen
  4. Logic – Some jobs require strong analytical ability. Others require creative thinking skills. Regardless, raw smarts and the ability to think your way to a solution play a key role in the hiring decision
  5. Effort – When the going gets tough, employers want someone willing to go the extra mile and make the personal sacrifice to get the job done correctly and on time. They want individuals who can stay focused and perform consistently over an extended period of time.
  6. Group Skills – can you work with other people? Regardless of the field, just about everything you do will be on some kind of team.
  7. Entrepreneurship – the ability to take risks and to create, accept and adapt to change easily and quickly is a valued skill.