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Ten Qualifications Colleges Crave

  1. A Transcript that includes RIGOROUS courses.
    Challenge yourself academically. Sign up for those AP and Honor Classes
  2. Grades that show academic growth.
    When colleges see that your high school grades are consistent or improving, they will be confident you’ll be successful in college
  3. Solid scores on standardized tests
    The scores you receive on your SAT or ACT should be consistent with your high school performance
  4. Passionate involvement in extracurricular
    Schools like to attract the most diverse students to their campus. “Diversity” means well-rounded students interested in many subjects.
  5. Participation in Community Service
    Being involved in your community. Put down those activities in order of importance and explain what being involved did for you as a person.  Doing so shows integrity and motivation to make a difference.
  6. Employment, volunteering and good work ethic.
    Colleges look at employment records as a historical view of how you follow through and get along with authority. Ask for a recommendation from a boss who would describe you as a dependable, hard working and as a team player.
  7. An honest, mature essay demonstrating your aspirations
    Describe your passions, beliefs, and aspirations
  8. Unique Letters of Recommendation
    Your favorite teachers, counselors, coaches, and employers can compose letters of recommendation that describe you perfectly.
  9. Organization
    The college application process itself is an education. It’s a lesson in planning and scheduling.  Make sure you stay up on Deadlines
  10. A Diverse Student
    List your interests in the application so the reader recognizes your desire to learn.