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Applying to College

Preparing the College Application

  • Make a folder for each college you are considering
  • If applying online, print out the application. If applying on paper, make a copy. This will provide you with a working draft and will insure a polished finish later.
  • Read the fine print on applications regarding deadlines and early decision procedures. Don’t wait for test scores or financial aid data. This information can be forwarded later.
  • Update your resume to include a list of rewards, extracurricular activities, and special projects in which you have been involved (grades 9-12). Supply the Guidance Office with a copy of your resume.
  • Enclose a letter of explanation if you have any special circumstances (i.e. grade fluctuations, special needs, disciplinary reports).

Sussex Central High School Information

SCHS school code, used for applications and testing registrations: 080050

Sussex Central High School

26026 Patriots Way

Georgetown, DE 19947

Phone Number (302) 934-3166

College Essays

The essay is an important way for the admission counselor to learn more about you as a person, beyond test scores and raw data. A well-written essay can speak worlds about your attitudes, feelings, personal qualities, and creativity. When preparing your essay, DO:

  • Answer the questions; follow directions
  • Be yourself; write in your own style
  • Write about something you know and care about
  • Show rather than tell
  • Give yourself plenty of time. Prepare a first draft, the rewrite, rewrite, rewrite!
  • Check grammar and spelling

Recommendation Letters

  • Check each application for specific requirements
  • Ask for a letter using the REQUEST for TEACHER RECOMMENDATION LETTER. Your English teachers should have a copy. Give this to the teacher at least 15 days before it’s due. (May want to provide an envelope ADDRESSED and STAMPED for the teacher).
  • If you need a Counselor Recommendation or a Secondary Report filled out, please print off the form or turn in a RECOMMENDATION REQUEST to your School Counselor.
  • Consider other sources for letters such as employers, church leaders, community service leaders, peers, and alumni.


  • Make sure you have turned in the Recorders Release Form, signed by you and your PARENT
  • Pick up a Transcript REQUEST form from the Guidance Office, fill out completely, and return to the Guidance Secretary
  • Please allow 2 days for your request to be processed

Handling Completed Applications

  • Copy each completed application and save it for your file
  • Check to see that the University or College accepts your SAT/ACT scores along with your high school transcript. If not, contact College Board to have the scores mailed directly to the school.
  • Many Colleges/Universities are requesting applications be submitted on-line. Whether you are applying online or using a paper application. PLEASE COMPLETE A TRASCRIPT REQUEST FORM in the Guidance Office with the name of the school.
      • If there is a “SECONDARY Report” or “Counselor Report” make sure you turn that in along with the Transcript Request Form, so it all may be packaged with your Transcript.
  • Watch for DEADLINES. An application turned into the Guidance Office the day it is due cannot be processed in time.

Notify the Guidance Office of your acceptance to each College by bringing in a copy