Welcome to the Sussex Central High School

School Counseling Department Website

Our Mission

Our mission as Sussex Central High School Counselors is to provide a comprehensive, developmental and sequential counseling program that is aligned with ASCA national standards. Our program will focus on the needs, interests, and    issues related to the stages of student growth through academic, career, and personal/social       development. Our program will support the Sussex Central High School mission which is “to ensure that all students are globally competitive by providing a safe learning environment and the support to   maximize student potential in order to fulfill their responsibilities as citizens.” 

Our Vision

Our vision as Sussex Central High School Counselors is that our students will have acquired the knowledge, skills and attitudes to reach their fullest potential and successfully manage their lives as healthy, responsible, competent and productive   citizens who respect themselves and others.

The School Counseling Department of Sussex Central High School helps students prepare for post-secondary opportunities through classroom guidance lessons, small group meetings, and individualized plans. Examples of some of our college and career readiness activities include:

· Grade level classroom guidance lessons

· School Clubs and Activities Fair

· Volunteer Fair

· PSAT Test (Grade 9)

· PSAT (Grade 10)

· SAT (Grade 11)

· College Representative Visits

· Career & Technical School Visits

· College Application Month activities

· College Application Workshops

· Financial Aid (FAFSA) Workshops

· Scholarship Fair & Workshops

· Knights Return Day

· Military Recruitment

· ASVAB Test

· Career Awareness

· Academic Enrichment Programs

· NCAA Eligibility 

Beliefs and Philosophy

The school counselors of Sussex Central High School believe:

· All students have the opportunity to acquire academic, career and personal achievement.
· All students have the right to participate in the SCHS school counseling program.

And that the SCHS comprehensive high school counseling program should:

· Be aligned with the ASCA National Standards and competencies for all students in grades 9-12.
· Use data to develop and evaluate program goals.

And that all counselors at SCHS

· Assist all students to overcome barriers that hinder academic, career and personal achievement.
· Abide by the professional school counseling ethics as advocated by the American School Counselor Association.
· Participate in professional development activities to maintain a quality school counseling program.

Christina Keeler, Class of 2019
Brett Thomas, Class of 2020
Bridget Bird, Class of 2021
Nika Reid, Class of 2022
Suzanne Brady, ELL Coordinator
Tonya James, College & Career Counselor/Academic Support for Class of 2019 & 2020
 Miriam Targonski, Academic Support for Class of 2022 & 2021