Quick Career Facts

Quick Career Helpful Tips –

3 Steps to Choosing a Career


Investigate Your Career Choices

Find a Career Match


There are SEVEN educational choices to choose from:

  1. Career and Technology Education
  2. Community and Technical Colleges
  3. Career and Trade Schools
  4. Four-Year Colleges
  5. Military
  6. Apprenticeships
  7. On-the-job Training


How to make a good impression in an Interview

            Dress appropriately

            Avoid going when they are likely to be busy

            Be friendly and polite to everyone you meet

            Ask to speak to the person in charge of hiring

Make eye contact, smile, and introduce yourself. Even if they don’t have any openings, ask if you can fill out an application

            If you have a resume, bring a copy with you. If you complete an application, attach your resume to it.



Career Fun Facts:

-          Orlando Bloom worked at a shooting range

-          Sean “Diddy” Combs was a paperboy

-          Vince Vaughn worked as a telemarketer

-          Jennifer Aniston was a waitress


-          One of the worst jobs ever might be worm taster. Worm tasters sniff, feel, and eat raw worms to find the ones that fish will like the best.