Hybrid Instruction
Hybrid Instruction
Posted on 10/15/2020

The Indian River School District School Board voted on an accelerated learning plan for students returning to high school for hybrid instruction.  The following start dates will be in place for specific grade levels within an AA/BB cohort:

  • October 26th through November 6th :  9th grade students
  • November 9th:   10th, 11th, 12th grade students


The A and B Cohort students will be combined to form a Monday-Tuesday “A” Cohort, and the C and D Cohort students will be combined to form a Thursday-Friday “B” Cohort.  All social distancing and Covid protocols will be followed as originally planned.  If you have not updated your selection for Hybrid or Remote instruction from this time through the 2nd Marking Period, you must call the main office before Friday October 16 at 3:30PM.  If not, all students who have not made a selection will be made a REMOTE student for this time period.