Board of Education
Indian River Board of Education 2022-2023
Board Member Election District Term Expiration E-mail
Rodney M. Layfield, President District 2
[email protected]
Leolga T. Wright, Vice President
District 3
[email protected]
Derek E. Cathell
District 5 2024 [email protected]
W. Scott Collins District 5 2024 [email protected]
James E. Fritz District 1 2026 [email protected]
Dr. Donald G. Hattier District 4 2024 [email protected]
Madeline R. Moses  District 1  2026  [email protected] 
Gerald T. Peden
District 2
2025 [email protected]
Constance T. Pryor District 4 2025 [email protected] 
Dr. Heather M. Statler
District 3 2024 [email protected]

Rodney Layfield
Rodney M. Layfield, District 2, President

Leolga Wright
Leolga T. Wright, District 3, Vice President

Derek Cathell
Derek E. Cathell, District 5

Scott Collins
W. Scott Collins, District 5

James Fritz
James E. Fritz, District 1

Donald Hattier
Dr. Donald G. Hattier, District 4

Madeline Moses
Madeline R. Moses, District 1

Gerald Peden
Gerald T. Peden, District 2

Constance Pryor
Constance T. Pryor, District 4

Heather Statler
Dr. Heather M. Statler, District 3