Special Education Task Force

The purpose of the IRSD Special Education Task Force is to examine current practices through system transparency in order to strengthen operations. This process will:

  • Identify current systematic challenges,
  • Develop a priority framework based on students and families,
  • Increase knowledge of and adherence to federal guidelines that impact services across all facets of operation for this division.

Task Force Members
Dr. Heather M. Statler, Indian River Board of Education, Chairperson
Laura Hattier, Indian River School District
Regena Izzo, Indian River School District
Jennah Truitt, Lord Baltimore Elementary School
Leigh Argo, Millsboro Middle School
Page Lyons, Howard T. Ennis School
Melissa Grunewald, Indian River School District

For more information about the task force, contact Board of Education member Dr. Heather M. Statler at

CLICK HERE to view the Special Education Task Force report for 2016-2017

SETF comments and suggestions

Click on the envelope to send your comments and suggestions to the Special Education Task Force.

SEFT 2018-2019
2018-2019 Special Education Task Force. From left: Kelley Collins-Vickers, Leigh Argo, Dr. Heather Statler, Regena Izzo, Laura Hattier, Jesse Steele and Page Lyons.