DE Student Success Webinars
DE Student Success
Posted on 10/01/2020

The Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) is pleased to announce the launch of our Delaware Student Success webinars.  Seventeen zoom webinars hosted by the University of Delaware’s Institute for Public Administration are now available on the student success website:  Webinars will provide information on Registered Apprenticeship, industry certifications, and opportunities to earn short and long term credentials through the adult education divisions in Delaware’s technical school districts and Delaware Technical Community College.  The website homepage includes a calendar with webinar dates, admission events for Delaware colleges/universities, and StandbyMe financial aid/FAFSA/scholarship virtual sessions. 


Webinars are focused on students and families however, school counselors, educators, and community organizations are also welcome to attend.  Participants must register for individual sessions on the Delaware Student Success website and will receive a link to join the selected session.  The first webinar begins October 1. 


Webinar Topics include:

·         How to identify your interests and link them to possible career areas – OCTOBER 1 with Dr. Solberg, Boston University

·         The college application process, writing essays, financial aid/scholarships – UD, DSU, Boston College admissions reps

·         Writing the essay – Dr. Joyce Brown and Tim Danos (UD)

·         Financial Aid, Scholarships – Julie Murawski, Higher Ed Office

·         Military recruitment – presentations from Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Army National Guard, Air National Guard

·         Apprenticeships– DOL/Adult Ed programs will present

·         Industry Certifications – what jobs can you get? Luke Rhine, DOE CTE, plus someone from DTCC and a student will present

·         Resume writing/interview skills – UD Career Center

·         First Generation College Students – overcoming barriers, important info

·         PLUS – all DE colleges/universities will have a presentation about their admissions, programs, majors, etc.


Please contact Karen Keagan: with questions or for additional information.  Thank you!

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